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Meet Selfup chefs | Danny Ballester

Danny Ballester

Danny Ballester is a New York native who has over 10 years of chef experience running four restaurants in the Manhattan. He has mastered his skills in several ethnic cuisines - including classic French, Italian, Asian, Mexican, Caribbean, and Mediterranean. Check out his cooking classes and book a class with him. Danny is Well-versed in propelling culinary excellence within prestigious restaurants and driving outstanding dining experiences while consistently surpassing guest and management expectations and adhering to any necessary dietary restrictions. Check out his cooking classes and book a class with him.


Ygael Tresser


Ygael Tresser is from Nice, France, and has lived in diverse parts of the world, helping craft his cuisine's flavor profile. It can be best described as Judeo-Moroccan, classic french Mediterranean, with an accent on the farm-to-table movement.Thirty years of varied commercial kitchen environments, from high-end dining to fast pace commercial and institutional catering, have reinforced his skills and provided the knowledge needed for a good instructor.He has taught all age groups, from kids in after-school programs to adults in many environments, including culinary career camps for teens and family cooking classes in NYC family shelters, community centers, and retirement homes around Brooklyn, NY.

In his words: "I live for cooking, having been fortunate to have found a true passion in my career. Teaching after 30 years in kitchens and so many different theaters is the most gratifying thing I can do: teach others to tackle tasks or recipes thought of as out of reach and find their inner chef".



Chef RoyalTee is a creative and professionally trained chef with more than 10 years of experience in the culinary industry. The combination of an early love for the kitchen and several years of honing her skills through education and experience allow her the ability to create delectable menus utilizing many techniques and styles of cuisine. Chef Tee sincerely believes that all art, but specifically the art of cooking (and of course eating!), brings folks together in a truly unique and memorable way. She looks forward to sharing her love of food and connecting with each and every Self Up guest!



Alexandra Borgia

Alexandra Borgia

As a highly experienced chef instructor, Alexandra brings a wealth of culinary knowledge and expertise. With two prestigious culinary degrees from accredited institutions, she has dedicated over three decades to the culinary arts. Her journey in this field has been diverse, encompassing various roles such as restaurants, private cooking, and culinary consulting.

These experiences have shaped her passion for cooking, which remains as strong as ever. She is deeply committed to sharing her culinary insights and skills with others, so she pursued certification with New York State CTE (Career and Technical Education).

She looks forward to sharing her expertise and helping others embark on culinary adventures.