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Who says team building activities need to be confined to a corporate setting? At Selfup, we break the mold by offering a unique opportunity for team bonding right here in New York! Dive into the art of making authentic Asian dumplings and dim sum from scratch, turning a culinary adventure into a fun team-building experience. Our menu is a delightful exploration of flavors, including:

  • Shu Mai with Shrimp: Master the art of these open-faced dumplings, brimming with a tasty combination of shrimp and traditional seasonings.
  • Vietnamese Spring Roll: Hone your skills in rolling these fresh, light spring rolls, bursting with vibrant flavors and textures.
  • Pork and Chive Jiaozi Dumpling: Uncover the secrets of these classic dumplings, filled with a savory pork and chive mixture.
  • Turkey and Chili Oil Jiaozi Dumpling: Add some spice to your cooking repertoire with these unique dumplings, featuring tender turkey and a kick of chili oil.
  • Mushroom and Tofu Jiaozi Dumpling: Venture into the vegetarian side of dim sum with these delicious dumplings, packed with a rich mix of mushrooms and tofu.

Your team building event with us isn't just about great food and drinks; it's about discovering the strengths each team member brings to the table. Building a team on mutual respect, trust, and shared enjoyable experiences can bring out the best in everyone.

Elevate your team building with fun and food! And this holiday season, why not give your friends the gift of a memorable experience? Avail of our Selfup Gift Cards for an unforgettable culinary team-building adventure.

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