Asian Dumplings & Dim Sum in NYC

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Master making delicious Asian dumplings & dim sum!

Sick of waiting for your meals to be delivered? How about learning a valuable new skill instead? These New York cooking classes teach you how to prepare delectable Asian dumplings & dim sum. You’ll use traditional Chinese ingredients, techniques, and cooking utensils to make authentic Asian dumplings & dim sum. We help you learn how to make multiple types of dim sum delicacies, including the following:

  • Dim sum dumplings: These delicate dumplings are filled with savory pork and delicious vegetables. You can steam them for pillow soft treats or fry them to add a golden crispness.
  • Potstickers: We teach you how to make authentic potstickers filled with pork, chicken, shrimp, and mushrooms. Master how to perfectly fry potstickers for an authentic taste of China.
  • Jiaozi dumplings: The star of any Chinese New Year celebration, these incredible dumplings are traditionally filled with chicken and vegetables and bring good luck in all you do. 

Our Asian dumplings & dim sum activity is more than just another cooking class. You’ll find your Selfup culinary experience incredible as you master new skills while enjoying time with new friends and a couple of drinks.


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