Asian Dumplings & Dim Sum in NYC

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Master making delicious Asian dumplings & dim sum!

Sick of waiting for your meals to be delivered? How about learning a valuable new skill instead? These New York cooking classes teach you how to prepare delectable Asian dumplings & dim sum. You’ll use traditional Chinese ingredients, techniques, and cooking utensils to make authentic Asian dumplings & dim sum. Our menu features an array of exquisite items, including:

  • Shu Mai with Shrimp: Learn the art of making these open-faced dumplings, filled with a delicious mix of shrimp and traditional seasonings.
  • Vietnamese Spring Roll: Perfect the craft of rolling these light, fresh spring rolls, packed with vibrant flavors and textures.
  • Pork and Chive Jiaozi Dumpling: Discover the secrets to creating these classic dumplings, stuffed with a savory blend of pork and chives.
  • Turkey and Chili Oil Jiaozi Dumpling: Spice up your cooking skills with these unique dumplings, combining tender turkey and a zesty chili oil kick.
  • Mushroom and Tofu Jiaozi Dumpling: Explore the vegetarian side of dim sum with these delectable dumplings, featuring a hearty mix of mushrooms and tofu.

    Our Asian dumplings & dim sum activity is more than just another cooking class. You’ll find your Selfup culinary experience incredible as you master new skills while enjoying time with new friends and a couple of drinks. 

    Are you looking for a holidays gift? Go get your family and friends Selfup Cooking Class gift cards and bring the entire group for an unforgettable experience for your entire team!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Alejandro Montoya
    Great class

    Dim sum class was great!

    Daniel Morales
    Awesome gift

    Hands-down, the best Mother’s Day I have ever given my wife. I took my daughter and wife and had a phenomenal experience. We took the Italian cooking class and overly enjoyed every minute of it chef danny and his sous chefs made learning Italian food great and phenomenal, absolutely worth, every penny. We literally cannot wait to take our next class with the same team. Thank you guys so much for a great experience.

    Daniel Davis
    Fantastic time!!

    We had a blast, the staff were incredible. Lot's of fun and the food was delicious. It was great to learn some cooking techniques I can use at home. We'll be back Chef Rudy - you've been warned! LOL

    Myra L
    Asian Cooking Class

    From start to finish the entire Selfup team was amazing to work with. The event itself was amazing! We did a team building Italian cooking class with my group of 40 and I was so impressed with how they got everyone to interact and participate! Everyone was raving about it!

    Jenna H
    Asian Cooking Class

    Had the best time with Chef Rudy and his team! I did the Italian Pasta class with my boyfriend for his birthday and it was the perfect night! Chef Rudy is hilarious and a great teacher. His team was helpful and even walked around offering to take photos/videos. We left the class full and with a few new cooking skills we could easily do at home.